So I decided to make a pair of storage and transport boxes for my turntables (Technics 1200 and Vestax PDX3000 MKII ) so I can store them and transport them safely. I used chip board as it was freely available, but I would reccomend ply wood, as chipboard tends to chip all over the place.

finished images here

First I measured out the length and width of each turntable, and added 10mm to each side for padding. I then cut out a bottom piece with these dimentions using a jigsaw.

To make the sides I measured the height of the turntables and again added 10mm to be safe. for 2 of the sides I added twice the width of the ply (13mm) to extend past the two other sides.

blueprint image

Above you can see how I took measurements, which was pretty tricky to get exactly right, I made it so I would cut away the pencil line to try to get an exact cut. The above line is measured to 426mm.

more images

Above you can see the aluminium right angle used for support. I used ~10mm width but this made screwing the pieces in tricky. Each bracket was cut from a 1m piece I bought, and cut down to 5cm brackets. I fitted each part first, then made measurements using a pencil, then finaly drilled the parts together. I used a countersink tool to help the screws go in flush with the brackets. I also numbered each bracket and all the chipboard pieces that would connect to it, so when I took them apart I would know which one goes where.

Before I glued everything, I noticed I wouldnt be able to get my hands under the turntables to pull them out, so I made it so the lid of the box would pull out part of the sides of the box. Above I'm measureng the cuts for the sides.


Once I had tested all the parts fitted together, I unscrewed the whole thing and glued it together. It all works just fine, I also stapled some foam from a yoga mat I found in each corner to support the turntables. At the top of the page, you can see the final boxes, with spray paint.