14 Sep 2015

DK2 support has increased tremendously in the last couple weeks, with Betas of Flyinside (a DK2 driver for FSX) being released aswell as a new DK2 SDK with la de da fancy GPU support corresponding with a new Nvidia driver release. Thats 3 drivers all playing nicely for 75fps FSX in head tracked DK2 VR (virtual reality) (albiet with all the terrain and other effects turned down).

Now looking into the hardware software interface

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No but really, umm here

So I figure I need to learn about X-Sim and what it outputs, I need roll and pitch output, then I need a PID to work with the quadrature encoders to output to a motor driver. Then I can work out mass of the cockpit and torque requirements. How plane pitch/roll data aligns with torque requirements, then I can look into motor and gear selection, then I can look more seriously at motor driving PID firmware.

Looked into motor frame design with a horizontal roll motor:


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